Q2 2022 Collaborations Debrief

Posted On Jul 01, 2022 |

Collaborations are my bread and butter

Collaborations are truly where it’s at for me, especially as I make my departure from social media. List building and establishing myself as an authority in my niche are my core focusses with partnership marketing. I have plans for my own events in the last half of this year and actively seeking opportunities to partner with others.

Looking back, however, this quarter I participated in 1 Summit and 2 Bundle promotions. Together these grew my email list by 891, I had $673 in sales (+ US$536.60 in affiliate sales) as a direct result of these collaborations. It’s important to note that these email subscribers are still considered cold leads as they’re not necessarily joining my list because of who I am but more because they’re keen to grab your gift or watch your presentation. There’s plenty of people who simply collect courses and templates, so after a collaboration event it’s important to spend time segmenting and cleaning your list. I cleaned my list in June, which has resulted in an active list of 1002 (1659 total subscribers in my email provider Flodesk).

I am going to start tracking open rates now onwards in a more structured way so I can identify when I need to clean my list again.

Now onto the fun part… For those who love metrics as much as I do, here’s the breakdown on the data from these collabs:

Introvertpreneur Summit

Summit Dates: 25-29 April

Paid + Free Summit

Opt-Ins = 55 leads

Bonus Gift Opt-Ins = 43 leads

Sales = $542

2 x Tripwire Sales ($15 + $27) + 1 x converted into Launch Like an Introvert student ($500)

Affiliate Income = US$177.50

Promo Emails Sent = 4

Presentation: Introverts Guide to Launching

Opt-in: Introverts Guide to Launching - 3 Part Audio Course

Bonus Gift: Soul Driven Sessions - 3 Part Masterclass Series

Notes: this summit wasn’t a large list builder for me, I think this may have something to do with my presentation being on the second last day. I was a good affiliate earner for me, I was top 3 on the leaderboard for affiliate sales during the promo period and 42 people signed up through my affiliate link (majority for the free summit pass).

The Lazy Funnels Bundle

On Sale Dates: 18-24 May (Opt-In until 27 June)

Paid Bundle

Opt-Ins = 630

Sales = $100

8 x Order Bumps + 1 Tripwire Sales

Affiliate Income = US$293.30

Promo Emails Sent = 6

Bundle Gifts: Launch Like an Introvert Starter Pack + 5 Day Freebie Funnel Challenge

Notes: this bundle was paid, with 80 products to select from and was very niche. In my opinion there was less overwhelm with this bundle as it was easy to navigate and filter out what you need. I also one product towards the top of the list (the starter pack) which I think helped that one get more opt-ins. I had 4 people sign up for the bundle with my affiliate link.

The Boost Your Business Bundle

On Sale Dates: 13-17 June (extended to 27 June) Opt-in until 27 June (extended to 1 July)

Paid + Free Bundle

Opt-Ins = 206 (I expect this will grow as it’s the last to sign up today)

Sales = $31

1 x Order Bump + 1 x Tripwire Sale

Affiliate Income = $65.80

Promo Emails sent = 5 with an opt-out after the first and fourth email (had planned to send 7 but didn’t as I wanted to avoid inbox overwhelm)

Bundle Gifts: Free: Launch Like an Introvert Starter Pack + Paid: 5 Day Freebie Funnel Challenge

Notes: this bundle wasn’t as great as the Lazy Funnels for my list building because it wasn’t as niched towards my products. I was more of a broad business bundle and specifically for people who are at an early stage in business. This was also a huge bundle of gifts, both the free and the paid version - there were a total of 144 collaborators. Additionally, my list already had my gifts if they wanted them from the Lazy Funnels bundle which ended only a few weeks before promo started for this bundle. I had 2 people sign up for the paid bundle with my affiliate link, and 217 clicks on my link - so a very low conversion rate and I think indicative of bundle burnout. I will be mindful into the future of participating in 2 bundles one month after the other (I just realllllly wanted to be in both these bundles, ya know!).

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