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How to add 100's of leads and grow your
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Stop using expensive Facebook™ ads
or only growing when you launch


You are tired of...

  •  Slow organic list growth
  •  Having no one to launch to
  •  Paying $100's to Zuck and not getting results 
  •  Singing and Dancing (literally) on Reels for leads

Now you’re looking for a better way to grow your email subscribers and sell your courses to an engaged list, that actually works. Without having to pretend you’re an extrovert!

You want to grow your list fast so you try…

Facebook™ Ads

BUT you can’t seem to get the audience right, or is it the copy or the artwork... who knows.

  All you know is these Ads are spending way more than you’re willing to pay for leads.

Reels or TikTok

BUT going Viral on these platforms seems to be getting harder and harder now with so much competition.

Not to mention keeping up with the trends is doing your head in!

Cold DMs

BUT following a script to the T never felt much like you. It was super cringy and awkward conversations all around.

Plus as an introvert it feels so weird talking to strangers on the internet.

Let me show you that it's possible

(yes, even for introverts!)

Collaborative Bundles are still the fastest way to grow your list in 2024.

In under 2 years I grew my list from less than 100 leads to 2371 active subscribers (and I now have 4185 subscribers). All through sustainable growth from borrowing other people’s audiences.

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn't easy

I’ve spoken at Summits and even hosted an Audio-First Summit myself in 2022 which added 431 leads and made me $730

Sure, growing my list by 400+ in one week was nice but the months of work leading up to that wiped me out for a whole week following the event.

Which ultimately slowed down my momentum and put me back weeks in my marketing schedule and instead of launching straight after the Summit I was too exhausted and struggled to sell and launch my group program.

The ROI on my energetic investment just wasn’t adding up.

I’ve also had my success on social media and showing up daily to record a Reel, share a Story or Go Live... until I didn’t

Burning myself out countless times from churning out content for the algo every day - only to have the Reel or Post disappear from the feed just as quickly.

Using these platforms were great when I first started out as a Coach, but at a certain point when your organic social content doesn’t catch on and you don’t have Reels go viral... it’s like you’re just feeding the machine $100's and you’re getting $1's back.

Once again, the energy investment just doesn’t stack up.

but as an introvert

it just wasn’t sustainable.

Each week I’d be in this constant push and pull, between serving my clients, students or responding to emails... and keeping up with marketing myself on Instagram. To keep top of mind and remain relevant, so that I could book sales calls and then attempt to convert from there.

But the problem wasn’t that I didn’t have the time or energy for all that (which was definitely a problem, but it was not what actually kept me stuck).

It was that I simply wasn’t getting enough leads in the door each week to sustain if I needed to have an off-week from marketing my business. If someone in my family got sick, or if I needed a break myself it would affect the following week’s sales and income potential.

All because I wasn’t active and visible on social media every minute of the day.

So I tried...

  •  Podcasting but I wasn't able to batch enough episodes to keep the show going and I sure didn’t have the consistent energy every week to put out episodes on the fly
  •  Running Facebook Ads but that just felt like flushing money down the toilet, because I could never seem to figure out that perfect combo of audience/copy/graphic to find a winning ad
  •  Live Launching every month but that just exhausted me big time
  •  TikTok but I couldn't keep up with the recording schedule needed to go viral

And that's when it hit me!

Contributing my digital products to Bundles to grow my list without the energetic drain!

And this time, I finally started to see the
results I'd been working so hard for:

  •  My list that grows by 100s every time I collaborate in a Bundle
  •  I wake up to notifications of brand new sales for my Digital Products 
  •  My Digital Products now have 1000s of students enrolled
  •  People reach out to me to pitch for future collaboration opportunities

The best thing?
by participating in bundles I now have 1000's
of soulmate students inside my programs and memberships!

And it didn't just work for me! Since then I’ve helped 2238 others to do the same inside my membership and free community

So how does it work exactly?

Welcome to...

Bundle Better

Teaching you how to borrow other people’s audiences to grow your own
without expensive Facebook™ Ads or performing for the Instagram™ Gods.

on the inside

What you'll learn

Get instant access to

All of these Resources

Affirmations +
Abundance Audios

Bundle Contribution Tracker

Funnels + Offers

Funnel Template

Email Swipe Copy

Promo Planner

Calendar + Directory

Bundle Graphics Kit

30 Day Bundle Roadmap

Plus these Bonuses

Course Creation

Pre-Selling Toolkit

Custom Bundle
Funnel Audit


I’ve already bought so many things that didn’t help me, why do I need Bundle Better?


This costs less than an Iced Matcha Latte with Coconut Jelly (but without the added sugar). Unlike the latte this has the potential to change your whole business trajectory, taking your business from slow growth to rapid success!

  • Grow your email list by 100s
  • Build genuine connections
  • Simple + strategic lessons
  • Easy to execute tips
  • Find new opportunities
  • Nurture + reward your list
  • Find new collaboration partners
  •  Increase your funnel conversions

This Membership is for

2 Types of Digital Businesses

New Coaches or Service Providers

We provide all the resources to help you map out your first digital product for submission to your first Bundle.

Digital Product

We share some of the best ways to improve your Bundle experience, including how to make money even from a Free Bundle.

Total Value = $694

Today's Price = Only $7/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately upon sign up you will receive access to the membership portal. You will be prompted to register your account and sign-in. An email will be delivered as well with access information.

Not at all! While you will need to have some tech skills to set up your bundle offer funnels, we don't require you to be tech-savvy to complete this membership.

In fact, to make it even easier for you we have included an easy to install template for a funnel to use within the learning management system - New Zenler. All you need to do is customise to your offer and brand.

It is definitely beneficial if you already have a digital product of some description to get a quick start into this membership curriculum. However it's not required, included with the bonuses is a workbook to help you map out and create a Course for you to later apply to Bundles with.

You will also find a 'Get It Done Challenge inside the portal which focusses on getting a digital product ready for sale/inclusion in a Bundle.

You can find Bundles to contribute to within my free Facebook Group Bundles of Bundles - we cover this in phase one of the membership and I include all the recommended places to go to find bundles to join!

The membership is hosted on my course platform, New Zenler - you will receive a course log in and can access this content both on desktop and through an App.

Additionally, all lessons and bonus content are also available to listen to on the go via a Private Podcast feed.

The community will be hosted in an exclusive private Facebook Group, outside of the free community Bundles of Bundles. 

It should take you no longer than 30 days to complete the 3 phases of this membership.

Depending on what stage you are at in business and if you are already participating in a Bundle - this may take longer as you go through and implement each action step.

Absolutely, one of my most popular resources is the Bundle Contribution Tracker. This Airtable tracker helps you to organise the details of each Bundle you're in and what requirements or deadlines you need to meet. 

Not a problem, alongside our 7 Day Money Back Gaurantee (see below) we make it super easy for you to manage your own membership subscription and include the steps to cancel in the member dashboard.

If you have any trouble cancelling or want to discuss your membership, simply email

Money back guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.


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