who are looking for a launch method that is easeful, flowy and fun

Go from zero to launch...

...with this launch with me group program and 1:1 intensive hybrid in under 60 days



The launch with me 8 week group program and 1:1 hybrid designed for introverted online business owners.

I created this group program because I know that there’s a bunch of us (by us, I’m talking about Introverts) out there who are just sick to death of the BS that all the gurus are telling us to do for our next launch.

Not me, nuh-huh, I’m not about that vibe and I don’t plan to do it to you either.

Launch Like an Introvert will be perfect for you if:

🤕 You’re sick of following someone else’s launch plan and all you get from it is burnt out and nothing much else to show.

🤢 You’ve been caught up in too many courses and programs where you’re following a prescribed method that feels out of alignment but you don’t know what else to do, so you do it anyway and then it feels all icky so you get nowhere.

🤯 You want to work WITH your natural energy signature and not against it, you know there must be a better way, but aren’t really sure what that is yet.

Inside the program:

Week 1

🚀 Digital product/offer skeleton mapped out
🚀 1:1 Launch Strategy Session

Week 2

🚀 Validate idea with market research
🚀 Lead magnet designed

Week 3

🚀 Digital Offer ready for sale
🚀 Sales page designed + submit for review

Week 4

🚀 Calling in leads
🚀 Preparation for launch
🚀 Vision for launch  
🚀 Group Visualisation meditation 

week 5

🚀 Ready for sales
🚀 Open Cart with live activation 

week 6

🚀 Remaining open to sales and holding faith
🚀 Last minute sales activations

week 7

🚀 Calling in the last sales
🚀 Close cart on Launch

week 8

🚀 1:1 Launch Debrief
🚀 Onboarding students into your offer

Group Mentoring + Support

Access to a private Telegram community for group mentoring + support.

Resources + Templates

Access to templates + resources to streamline launch planning, implementation and reviews.

1:1 Support + Coaching

1:1 Mindset, Strategy + Launch Planning sessions. Plus 8 Weeks of Office Hours for personalised feedback.

8 Weekly Modules

Including short training videos + audio mind training tracks. Plus Group mentoring and support while you launch with weekly group calls.

Launch Like an Introvert will help you to:

  • Lean into your masculine energy during a launch. Together we will work on all the strategy and map out your launch plan, allowing your feminine to flow through the launch.
  • Retrain your mind with NLP techniques and self-hypnosis tracks that allow you to launch with ease and call in the abundance during your launch.
  • Follow the fun and make this launch your best yet, with coaching and mentoring to help you when you get stuck. Whether it be mindset or tech, I’ve got you covered.

    If that sounds like you, I’ve got a solution! Join the Launch Like an Introvert program TODAY!

The best part?
During this program we launch together so it should only take you 8 weeks to implement and launch your digital product or offer.

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Plus when you join today receive these BONUSES!

Template Starter Pack

Includes a launch calculator, project plan templates and launch debrief checklist.

Launch Mindset Bundle

Includes a Self-Hypnosis Audio pack and EFT (tapping) session pack to help break through the mindset battles before, during and after a launch.

5 Day Funnel Challenge

Includes a 5 day funnel challenge to set up and start collecting leads within 5 days. 

what others are saying:

Meet Bree!

Hi!! I’m Bree Boucher, an Online Business Manager and Strategist. I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband, 2 red heelers and a tabby cat.  

After years of coaching and teaching my clients I realised that what I love the most about my business is that I get to work with Introverts just like me, to support them with setting up the systems and strategy so they can lead from the soul. So now I focus on just that!    

I am a funnel and launch specialist, with experience in project and people management and a love for all things *pastel pink and green aesthetic*.  

In my ‘spare time’ I also create stickers and iced coffee cups and sell them on my etsy store.  

Frequently Asked Questions

A: I think you’d know if this is right for you based on the amount of real estate this program has been taking up in your head for the last few weeks! So if you’ve been thinking about joining, but perhaps waiting for that sign from the universe… this is probably it!

This program is right for you if you are an Introverted, Soul Driven, Online Business Owner who is in the early to scaling stages of their business and has attempted a launch or two in the past but something didn’t feel right or you didn’t get the results you were looking for.  

A: This first live round starts on 6 June, we go right through until the end of July. You will also receive instant access to all the pre-work when you sign up, so the earlier you join the sooner you can start!
We are now in self-paced mode until the next live round, you can start as soon as you like - the content is being dripped out as it's being created (one week at a time).

A: When you join Launch Like an Introvert you will launch with me, meaning we will launch together in 8 weeks. From this program you will receive templates and methods that you will be able to use again and again, giving you a repeatable launch method that is unique to you and your personal energetic signature. You will also receive access to 8 weeks of modules and core materials that you can refer to in future launches.  

A: Access to Launch Like an Introvert is ‘Lifetime’ which means that you will have access to the content for as long as the program is available in my shop and course platform (i.e. for as long as I’m in business and want to maintain access). Additionally, this is the first live round of this program and you will receive access to all future live rounds of the program that I run and any updates to the content that comes with it. As a Beta round student you get in on the ground floor and receive the benefits of future improvements. How cool is that?!

A: I am in Canberra, Australia. That means my timezone is AEST or UTC+10

The time of the group calls will be reflective of the group dynamic and will take into account the collective timezones that each student is located. I will do my best to find a time that works for the majority.

Ok, well that’s not a bad thing actually. Not everyone is into group work and would much prefer to work alone or have the work done for them. That’s where I can help. If you want a DIY option, then you can join the Introverts Micromind by itself. While you’re at it, add on the optional template starter pack at the checkout. Together these are $110 and will get you a long way towards launching with ease and flow while having fun. Orrrr if you’re more into the do it for me vibes, then book in a free consult call and let’s chat about my Launch Plan in a Day or Launch Manager packages.

A: The full price of Launch Like an Introvert is currently $500 as a Beta self-paced program. The relative cost to hire me as your personal Launch Strategist and Mindset coach would be well over 5x this price. This program when run live in the future will increase in price.

A: Yes I most definitely do! If you would rather spread the cost over 2 months, I offer a payment plan of $166.66 x 3 fortnightly payments or $250 x 2 monthly payments. Talk to me if you'd like to join but need a little more help in the financial department hello@breeboucher.com or drop a "hey" in the chat box.

A: No, the tech involved during a launch is specific to your tech stack and what you enjoy using. I will recommend my favourite software or systems to use, but if you can confidently translate that into your own software and systems, awesome! If you aren’t super tech savvy, then this is something I can help with during the 1:1 or group coaching sessions, but no promises I know all the ins-and-outs of your systems to troubleshoot if you get stuck.

A: Yes I do, if you find yourself 14 days or less into this program and you are not happy with my style of teaching or the content was not as you expected you will be able to request a refund of the remaining costs less any fees paid. Your access to the program content will be cancelled.

A: I’m more than happy to chat with you over email: hello@breeboucher.com or via the chatbox on the sales page. Let’s work it out, I’d definitely love to have you in the program if it’s right for you! 

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...in under 60 days!

8 Weekly Group Calls (Value $880)
8 Weekly Lessons + Resources (Value $880)
8 Weekly Office Hours (Value $440)
3 x 1:1 Sessions (Value $450)
BONUS Launch Mindset Audio Pack (Value $110)
BONUS 5 Day Freebie Funnel Challenge (Value $110)
BONUS Launch Like an Introvert Starter Pack (Value $55)
BONUS Introverts Micromind (Value $55)


  • BETA June Monthly Payment Plan - Self Paced
  • 2 payments of

    $250 AUD

    per month Join Today!
  • BETA June Fortnightly Payment Plan - Self Paced
  • 3 payments of

    $166.66 AUD

    every 2 weeks Join Today!
  • BETA June Pay In Full - Self Paced

    $500 AUD

      Join Today!