🚀 Sell it one month, deliver it the next! 🚀

How to make money before you create your next course, training or workshop!

Pre-Sell Bundle

Get paid to create better products and beat the competition with speed through leveraging preselling in your infobusiness!

Pre-Sell bundle includes

6 Pages Presell Email Sequence

Save time with these pre-written templates for you to swipe and make adjustments to pre-sell your products fast!

2 Social Media Caption Templates

Never know what to say on social media? Don't worry, here's some captions you can swipe and update to pre-sell your product!

43 Square Social Media Posts

Grab these Canva templates and update with your brand and graphics - includes mock ups and promo images.

43 Done For You Reels & Story Templates

Sell from stories with these Canva templates. Adapt them for product or promo Reels to get more eyes on your products when you pre-sell them!

🚀 Why Pre-Sell? 🚀

  • Test more offers and ideas so that you can find a winner faster
  • Truly validate your offers instead of guessing whether or not they’ll be successful
  • Get paid to create instead of creating for months and not getting paid at the end
  • Create better products because you can tailor them to your client's needs
  • Hop on trends faster and see if your audience is interested
  • Presell in times of low competition and have your clients secured when your competition is selling (👉 You presell a program in December that will be delivered in January. While your competition starts selling in January you've already secured your revenue while benefiting from cheaper customer acquisition costs)


Stop creating courses, digital products, coaching programs, and workshops that nobody wants to buy!

6 email sequence swipe copy ($27)
2 social media captions swipe copy ($14)
43 social media square templates ($27)
43 social media story / reel templates ($27)
BONUS Introvert Launch Incubator training ($33)
BONUS Introvert Launch Calculator ($9)
BONUS Introvert Launch Notion Planner ($9)