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Hi!! Iā€™m Bree Boucher, an Introvert Launch Coach. I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband, 2 red heelers and a tabby cat.

I am the Host of the Facebook Group Bundles of Bundles x Bree Boucher and am Certified Bundle Obsessed! 

I realised that although so many of us are planning our promotions in advance, it's pretty darn difficult to know when our next Bundle Collaboration is coming. This is because hosts only advertise for contributors at best a couple of months out from the Bundle start date, so it's impossible to plan any more than 2 months ahead šŸ˜¬

So what do you do? You apply and are accepted for one Bundle and then you see another super aligned Bundle and you go for that too... next minute you're in 3 Bundles at the same time and it's hard to effectively promote each one well. So you promote them all, but you're stretched thin and it's kinda a mess. Well, say goodbye to that headache with this Bundle Calendar!

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