Introverts Guide to Launching


who are ready to start launching with ease, flow and fun

learn how to launch like an introvert

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Inside the 3 Part Audio Course

Part 1: The Plan

Class includes:
1️⃣ How launching is similar to manifesting
2️⃣ Mapping out the what and when of the launch
3️⃣ Setting goals and tracking metrics
4️⃣ Visualising the goal and outcome from the launch

Part 2: The Energy

Class includes:
1️⃣ Holding and maintaining momentum during a launch, as an introvert
2️⃣ Daily practices that can help you contain and hold the faith during a launch
3️⃣ Tools and techniques that support during a launch

Part 3: The Action

Class includes:
1️⃣ Showing up and making "it" happen, checking in on metrics and the goal
2️⃣ The live activation event designed to open the launch and build excitement
3️⃣ Importance of setting out time to rest and recharge during a launch

Hi!! I’m Bree Boucher, an Introvert Launch Coach and Strategist. I live in Catalina, Australia with my husband, 2 red heelers and a tabby cat.

Trained as a NLP, Clinical Hypnosis and EFT (Tapping) Practitioner. I love to work exclusively with Introverted Creatives, Coaches and Consultants to scale their business with collaboration bundles and launches that convert into high impact group programs and courses.  

I am the host of free a Facebook group called Bundles of Bundles to help you find collaborations, I love to share my wisdom inside my membership Bundle Better and I am the creator of the innovative Bundle (flip)Book™

In my ‘spare time’ I also teach teens and adults aerials, I love the static trapeze personally and get a real kick out of seeing the progress of my students as they build their skills, confidence, strength and flexibility.