let me introduce myself:

Hi! I'm Bree Boucher

I am a NLP, Clinical Hypnosis and EFT (Tapping) Practitioner. Interior Designer, Coach, Guide, Mentor + OBM.

What is an OBM? I hear you ask...
An OBM is an Online Business Manager, we are experienced business owners just like you - we know exactly what you need to be doing in your business to take it from fledgling to flourishing.  

We are strategists, project managers, systems experts, organisational superstars and implementation queens.  


I love all things systems, whether they are paper or digital, I'm all about creating and maintaining systems to support my clients businesses.


Who doesn't love a good old strategy sesh? Strategy is the cornerstone of any successful business, without one, many businesses crumble.


In business and life there's always space for a little bit of magic. Following our soul's path allows that magic to flow through.

love notes:

Bree is a highly talented individual, with a creative mind and a load of patience. Her support in my business is invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Bec McFarland

Business + Career Coach

my career:


Online Business Manager + Strategist

Career Highlights:

  • Relaunching my Podcast Systems, Strategy and Soul (formerly Soul to Soul The Podcast)
  • A Very Merry Bundle, my first collaborative offering which doubled my email list in 7 days
  • Pivoted my services as an expert in Online Sales + Marketing; focussing on sales Funnels, became bananas about Bundles and a Launch lover

Business strategy and implementation, project management and delivery for Online Business operators (Coaches, Consultants, Mentors, Course Creators).

Activities undertaken within this role include:

  • Event management, stakeholder liaison, drafting digital communications, delivery of live and in-person events
  • Design and development of online marketing strategies such as sales funnels, social media and email marketing
  • Digital and physical product and program launch, project management and tracking outcomes measured by metrics and performance indicators


Life + Success Coach

Career Highlights:

  • Gained certifications as a NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life + Success Coach
  • Creating my first ebook "Powerful Purpose Method", course, and 1:1 coaching framework
  • Collaborator, Speaker and guest presenter in 3 Summits, 1 Bundle, guest on 2 podcasts and 4 Live guest presenter

Activities undertaken within this role include:

  • Coaching and Mentoring clients in Soul Driven Business, Purpose, transformational coaching and hypnosis sessions
  • Specialised in Reels Coaching, hosting workshops and one day intensives


General Manager

Career Highlights:

  • Leading the Leumeah Lodge team towards a Gold Award for Standard Accommodation in the 2018 Canberra Tourism Awards and a Bronze at the 2018 Australian Tourism Awards. Followed by a second Gold Award at the Canberra Tourism Awards and Silver at the Australian Tourism Awards in 2019.
  • Implementation of central reservations systems within the YMCA which led to the unification of the two YMCA Canberra Lodges and their teams. Including development of annual planning retreats and monthly section team meetings.

2IC to Executive Manager - Hospitality Services.
Leadership of Leumeah Lodge guest service and food & beverage teams.
Fostering continuous improvement, innovation and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Activities undertaken within this role include:

  • Averaging 4.5/5 satisfaction rating across multiple touch points. 
  • Professional development and mentoring of key team members into senior roles within the business.
  • Strategic growth of business through leadership of various sales and marketing activities; exceeding revenue expectations in FY17-18 by 40%, increased FIT occupancy by 32% in FY17-18, grew group accommodation (core business) by 35%.
  • Effective P&L management; in second financial year of operation maintaining a low operating cost, whilst increasing revenue, subsequently resulting in producing a profit to be reinvested within the YMCAs community programs.


Guest Service Manager

Career Highlights:

  • Promoted to General Manager within 12 months
  • Opened the Lodge and lead the Guest Service Team

2IC responsibilities, including leading the Leumeah Lodge team during absences by General Manager.

Activities undertaken within this role include:

  • Reporting monthly on financials, debtor management and yield management strategies.
  • Involved in opening Leumeah Lodge in 2016; recruitment of casual and full time team members, including on-boarding staff and management of staff training schedules.
  • Implementation of supplementary revenue streams such as initiating and ongoing yield management of 3rd party websites in the FIT market. Coordination of room audit, repairs, maintenance and housekeeping requirements of the Lodge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Put simply, you’ll have more time to focus your energy on the things that actually move your business forward.  

It’s means less stress for you, because you no longer have to worry about doing the things you don’t like or no longer have time for in your business. Those things that drain your energy and brain space. Things that take you away from being the CEO and visionary in your business.  When you hire an OBM, you’re hiring someone who can come in and set all your ideas into motion.  

I’m like a doula for your business, birthing and guiding your business ideas into life. 

Do you have an idea for a course but not sure how to implement and execute the techy stuff? That’s what I’m here for.  

You’re launching something but need some help around the processes, plan and creative direction? That’s my expertise.

Are you setting up a new product, business or offering and need help navigating the software and systems - I’m your girl! From Etsy to Asana to New Zenler I’ve got a lot of knowledge to support you with.  

There’s so many different ways an OBM can move the needle forward in your business, and a lot of the time we tailor our services to suit individual clients - no one client has the same requirements and I can adapt to meet you where you’re at.

I work with intuitive, soul led, spiritually minded coaches and creative entrepreneurs.

You will be someone who is on the precipice of scaling your business, you’re at a stage where things have been going ok up to now, but you know that there is so much more for you to offer. So much more that you can do, but you’re struggling to take those next steps because you don’t have the capacity.

You have been making consistent income for a while now, but you’ve hit a ceiling and you’re feeling like it’s well and truly time to break through!

You’re on top of and actively working on your mindset, you are ready to step up and outside of your comfort zone once again.

I am a former General Manager in a not-for-profit organisation, under my leadership the business had sales revenue of over $3million. We were the bench mark for standard accommodation in our region two years running, also receiving awards and recognition at a national level at the Australian Tourism Awards.

On a daily basis I managed the needs of 20 staff, 300 guests and contractors. I have extensive experience with systems, compliance, financial and business reporting and leading marketing and business operations.

After leaving this organisation in 2020, I have been running my own business full time - starting out as a Life + Success Coach, then moving into my passion; Business Strategy in 2021. Where I have been since, working with small business owners on project basis focussing on launches, implementing strategy, sales funnels, productivity and project planning.

I hold a Diploma in Leadership and Management, I am a trained NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT and T.I.M.E. Techniques™ Practitioner and Life + Success Coach. Just like you I am a Coach, Mentor, Educator and Course Creator.

are you ready to get started?

I get it, hiring a Launch Strategist is a big decision, even after reading all the way to the end of this page you are probably still thinking “is this the right move for me?”. Here's what I suggest you do from here:

  1. Complete this application form to let me know what you're looking for. Once received I will review and if we are a good fit to work together I will be in touch to arrange a free 30 minute call together to see if we vibe. We want to see if our energy is the same and if we’re on the same page. By the end of the call you’ll know exactly if it’s the right move for you. 
  2. If after this consult call you’re excited for us to start working together I have a few options, but let's start small to see if we are going to be a great long term fit. 
  3. My favourite option to start off with is a 3 day Voxer Strategy Sesh, where I can ask all the deep questions to figure out where you’re at and where you want to go. You will receive tangible advice from our call that you can start to action right away. 
  4. From there, if you totally vibe with my style and want to keep working with me, based off this strategy sesh I can set out a roadmap that I will to follow over the course of a 90 day project plan. Or we can chat about one of my other packages based on meeting you where you are at now.

Are you ready? Fill out the application form and let's chat!

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